Parents come to teach at FEM

Mr Rafael Pinedo, Daniela’s dad lectured 8E students on why the agenda is important, how to use it properly and all the advantages it offers in order to help people be organized and learn how to plan.
This topic will encourage students’ to administer their time better and to prioritize activities
Thanks to Mr Pinedo and Mr. Torres

Mrs Astrid Alvarez, Alejandro Cogollo’s mom had a great time with students and she deepened what students already knew about plants. She showed them how to plant seeds and all students did it. Since this is a long process, when the seedlets reach 30 cm, they will be placed in plastic bags and they will be planted in a place to be defined.

Thanks to Mrs Alvarez and Mrs Cantero

7D Salida ecosistema ríog

Mrs Rosa Arias, Juan Andrés Pérez’s mom, Ileana Alvarez, Valentina Ramos’s mom and the engineer Andrea Benavides programmed a short outing to the way along the road that borders Paimaná, Tacasaluma and the San Jorge river. There students learnt about plant species that are found in this place. For example they learnt that some of these seeds are edible, that the acacia trees they could see come from India and that is why their dead leaves do not decompose as the microorganisms that exist here are different from the ones in India, finally they learnt what the vines are for.
Thanks to Mrs Arias and Mrs Alvarez.

1D Manualidadesd

Finally Mrs Claudia Restrepo, Ma Paula Fuentes’ mom and Marcela Miranda, Natalia Rosales’s mom shared their skills to make handmade clipboards. Thanks to these moms and Mrs Roa.